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What is BI Development and Support?

Business Intelligence (BI) brings together data scientists, data analysts, and BI developers to leverage data for better decision-making and business performance. Outsourcing BI operations provides access to specialized expertise and ensures effective BI project management.

- Bring data visualizations to life

- BI professionals collaborate for better decision-making

- Outsourcing provides specialized expertise

- Data-driven insights enhance business performance

How can you benefit?

Transform Data

BI service providers play a crucial role in transforming your data into valuable information. This information will give your business insights on where to prioritize future actions.

Measure Achievements

Performance management encompasses a variety of tools that facilitate monitoring and analysis of an organization's performance. These platforms enable businesses to track their progress towards meeting both individual and collective organizational goals.

Visualize Data

Data analysis can be visually represented through a variety of tools such as charts, graphs, and info graphics. These visual aids are highly effective in conveying important information and providing valuable insights.

Fast Forward Recruitment

Recruiting the ideal talent can be a lengthy process, but we have the ability to swiftly bring together a team of proficient professionals and onboard them promptly.

Want to improve your business? Our BI services will provide that.

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Why partner with GRIFFIN?

- Skilled IT professionals delivering effective business intelligence solutions

- Visualize actionable insights from complex data analysis

- Enhanced decision-making capabilities based on data-driven intelligence

- Streamlined processes and improved operational efficiency

- Ongoing maintenance and support for your business intelligence systems

GRIFFIN Technology Solutions is a leading provider of business intelligence services. With our team of skilled IT professionals, we deliver effective solutions that leverage big data to drive organizational improvement. We offer actionable insights, enhanced decision-making capabilities, streamlined processes, and ongoing maintenance and support for your business intelligence systems.

Our BI Toolkit:

What to know about power BI

If your business intelligence systems are outdated or… less than intelligent, it’s time to consider an upgrade—especially in the current economic climate. Power BI is equipped to enhance your data analysis, and the experts at GRIFFIN Technology Solutions are here to help. Power BI empowers you to:

- Transform existing reports into feature-rich, graphical visualizations for profit/loss decisions

- Conduct product tracking with interactive drill-down capabilities

- Predict and visualize financial trends and P&L for your C-Suite

- Forecast sales trends

- Manage IT exceptions in highly automated environments

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