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What is Automation?

Automation plays a crucial role in streamlining business operations and reducing costs. Specifically, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as a highly popular form of automation. Here are key points about RPA:

- RPA automates repeatable business tasks

- It involves instructing software to execute manual tasks across applications and systems

- RPA is a rapidly growing technology practice

- It significantly improves efficiency and productivity

- It helps businesses achieve cost savings and operational excellence.

Why Partner with GRIFFIN?

We are tool agnostic and ensure that the solution fits the need. Automation saves businesses up to 2 work hours per day by streamlining processes, boosting productivity, and reducing errors. It addresses labor shortages by reallocating resources to higher-value tasks that require critical thinking and creativity.

- Streamlines processes, enhances productivity, and minimizes errors

- Addresses labor shortages by reallocating resources effectively

- Optimizes resource allocation for improved efficiency

- Boosts employee morale and job satisfaction

- Drives innovation and success in the business environment

How can you benefit?

Reduce Labor Costs

Automation allows businesses to complete several times as many processes as humans, leading to faster processing times and increased output.

Improved Consistency

Automation can standardize business processes, eliminate biases, and ensure consistency over repetitive executions. Also, robotic process automation (RPA) can collect analytics and reduce the risk of human error.

Increased Efficiency

A person may be limited by their physical capabilities to get a task done. Automations do not have this issue as they can run constantly with little oversight.

Reduce Monotony

Humans perform best at engaging tasks. However, some tasks may be regarded as monotonous. Allowing automation to handle monotonous tasks increases engagement for employees.

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Frequently asked questions:

How will my team react to this?

The best automations make existing employees feel like they received a superpower. With GRIFFIN’s excellent design and implementation, your team will feel empowered and relieved.

What industries do we work with?

We offer technology solutions to a variety of industries, including but not limited to banking, SaaS & Ecommerce, construction, law, insurance, healthcare, energy & utilities, finance, and defense. We provide services such as staff augmentation, software assessments, software development, BI maintenance, Salesforce management, merger & acquisition integration, and API & Data integration, among others. Our expertise and experience in these industries allow us to provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

How do you measure success?

Efficiency is a crucial metric in any business operation. Streamlining task completion time is a clear indicator of success. By focusing on time management as a measurement, you can identify processes that would benefit from automation. A helpful guideline is to automate your most time-consuming tasks to maximize productivity gains.