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What is an IT Health Check?

Our IT Health Check (ITHC) is an assessment tailored to your needs and covers seven technology functions: infrastructure, cybersecurity, data management, application performance, IT operations, compliance, and disaster recovery.

With 3 options under $20,700 and a 3-week duration, you receive:

- Input from 2-4 SMEs with former CIO oversight

- Board-ready executive reports with scored results

- Solution recommendations that add value to your company

- Risk reports based on a deep understanding of your business goals and applications

- Comprehensive testing services to put you in control of product development

- Tailored testing approaches based on project size and complexity

How can you benefit?

Prepared for Issues

Software errors, particularly those that involve sensitive data, can cause communication failures, data loss, and system outages. Through our ITHA these issues can be prevented to ensure seamless operation.

Focus on a Great User Experience

The goal of UX is to provide software that is faultless, effortless to use, instinctive, error-free, and effective. Our testing procedure will ensure that clients receive a valuable, dependable, and immensely interactive final product.

Save Money

To avoid substantial expenses later in the development process or after the product is finished, early detection of bugs and issues is crucial.

Deter Attacks

Continuous quality assurance services ensure and maintain software security by removing weaker code and errors. Prioritizing the delivery of reliable and trustworthy products should always be a key focus.

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We offer the right assessment for you.

IT Health Check:

What is it?

Answers how effective IT is in supporting your business strategy. Gather insights into business alignment and your organization's innovation (or lack thereof).

How does it work?

We utilize our 400-question online database across seven technology disciplines. We right-size the questions to your size and current state.

Why get Assessed?

A score-based 3rd party agnostic assessment, that provides a dynamic dashboard to share findings and recommendations with your Executive team and Board.  Our clients have used our ITHC for Buy/Sell analysis, budget decisions, new IT Executives, and Technology Roadmaps.  We provide options for a continued update to the dashboards as the recommendations are implemented.

Application Code assessment:

What is it?

After the Code Scan is complete, we assess our client's code documentation, and environment.

How does it work?

Our experts look through and improve your coding documentation with recommendations. The experts then review the coding environment, document, and make recommendations.

Why get Assessed?

Ensuring that your application code has proactive processes-solutions in place to avoid code vulnerabilities in the future.

Our process is straight forward and simple.

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