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What is Mergers &
Acquisitions Integration?

M&A integration is the process of combining two or more companies after a merger or acquisition, aiming to create a unified and cohesive organization. It involves integrating various aspects of the businesses, including operations, systems, processes, people, and cultures, with the objective of maximizing synergies and achieving the strategic goals of the deal.

- M&A integration integrates companies to form a unified offering leading to greater Return on Investment

- It integrates operations, systems, processes, people, and cultures.

- The objective is to maximize synergies and achieve strategic goals.

- Meticulous planning, coordination, and execution are crucial.

- The goal is to ensure a smooth transition and realize anticipated benefits.

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70% of all acquisition integrations fail but see why we have figured out how to integrate successfully for our clients through six sigma-based tools, planning, and execution. Our results speak for themselves. Setup a meeting and we can show you why.

Want to know how we took a $485M acquisition, with 90 locations, 9,000 customers, and 90,0000 customer locations, and integrated it in 13 months? We would love to show you.

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Why partner with GRIFFIN?


Custom integration assessment for client's needs to ensure continuous execution and greater ROI.

Integration Planning

Planning workshops to avoid integration starts and stops, and ensures seamless execution.

Integration Management Office

An integration management office is key and is not just a PMO. It ensures timely execution.


We customize the requirements to the planning information, instead of off-the-shelf requirements gathering.


Per Gartner, the average success rate on the 1st integration pass is 55-60%. The GRIFFIN average is 80% on the first pass.

starts here.

These steps ensure a customized planned integration, which leads to faster synergies and ROIs.

Our Process:

Data Integration

With AcquireTek, we use technical and business processes to map, extract, validate, and consolidate the data and systems from your business into valuable assets.

System Integration

Based on our initial System assessment, we integrate the best possible solution for your organization and your operations.

Audit Compliance

We provide comprehensive documentation and processes to ensure audit compliance throughout the integration.

How can you benefit?

Synergy Realization

The integration aims to capture synergies, such as cost savings, revenue growth, expanded market presence, or improved operational efficiency.

Streamline Operations

The integration process involves aligning and optimizing various functions and processes, eliminating duplications, and leveraging the best practices from both companies to create a more efficient and effective organization.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integration involves assessing, rationalizing, and integrating these systems to ensure smooth data flow, operational efficiency, and a unified technological platform.

Customer & Stakeholder Integration

It's important to manage the expectations and relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders during integration.

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