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We offer a complete software outsourcing solution, starting from defining and designing to developing and testing.

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GRIFFIN knows outsourced
software development.

Outsourcing software development involves delegating software tasks to a third party, who assembles a skilled team in development, design, testing, and infrastructure engineering. With a dedicated project manager overseeing the team, organizations can benefit from:

- Quick team formation based on specific requirements

- Access to specialized expertise

- Time savings via co-management with you and our GRIFFIN SW Dev Subject Matter Expert

- Excellent talent for a reasonable price point v. the competition

How can you benefit?

Ability To Delegate

By entrusting your software development to our team, you can concentrate on the essential aspects that propel your business to success.

Increase Management Efficiency

Our teams function independently. You establish the objectives and key performance indicators, while they oversee the daily operations and ensure timely delivery.


We not only give you a team of highly skilled developers, but also provide an experienced GRIFFIN Lead to help manage your project. In doing so, we free up time on your end, while ensuring success.

Quality Insured

We subject all projects to rigorous testing to deliver software that is of top-notch quality, highly resilient, and free of errors.

Need something special developed? We've got you covered.

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Why Partner with GRIFFIN?

An assessment is our first step to ensure that your requirements become a valued reality faster and more accurately.  

A dedicated team then makes your business needs/wants a reality, giving you a competitive edge. Working alongside you, our teams also help you manage sudden spikes in workload efficiently and effectively.

End-to-End Software Development

Maintenance & Support

Custom Employee & Consumer Portals

SaaS Customization & Deployment

Legacy Software Modernization

Let's discuss how your setup should look.

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Our process is straight forward and simple.

Step 1: Join our no obligation discovery call to explore your criteria.
Step 2: In just a few days, we'll lock in your project specifications and establish an unbeatable engagement model!
Step 3: Once milestones are set, we hit the ground running. Experience seamless execution and stay ahead of the game!
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Frequently asked questions:

Is it expensive to outsource software development?

Managers often simplify cost comparison by only considering salaries versus hourly rates. Nonetheless, this approach fails to account for several critical factors that can significantly affect expenses. These factors often go unnoticed, such as recruitment time, missed opportunities, project delays, employee training, and benefits, among others. When taken into consideration, these costs can add up to almost 29% of an employee's yearly salary. Hence, outsourcing software development can be a more economical approach.

Is using GRIFFIN better than in-house developers?

While many companies maintain in-house development teams, outsourcing services can offer unique advantages. For instance, outsourcing is ideal for one-off projects that don't justify the cost of a permanent team. Similarly, outsourcing can save time when a project has a strict deadline and there's no time to recruit new talent. Additionally, outsourcing can help companies better respond to changing workload demands, increasing their agility and flexibility.