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What is Hybrid Shore and why is it different than traditional outsourcing?

Hybrid shore is a model that combines onshore technology solutions with offshore capabilities to create a blended team for your IT business solutions. It leverages our onshore staff with expertise in the solution(s) leading the overall team, cultural familiarity, and direct client interaction, while offshore staff offer cost savings, scalability, and specialized skills. Key points:

- You get onshore white glove service with offshore cost savings

- Onshore staff provide resource co-management, subject matter expertise, cultural familiarity, and direct client interaction

- The difference, onshore staff are NOT just relationship management

- Offshore staff offer cost savings, scalability, and specialized skills

If Hybrid Shore is not for you,
we have other options.

Offshore Resourcing

With our Offshore team, you gain access to a dedicated group of skilled professionals who are ready to work in sync with your project needs. Scale up or down, make adjustments, or align the team with your business objectives, we ensure seamless communication and collaboration.

- You get offshore scalability

- Offshore cost savings

- Highly specialized skills

- Extension of your in-house workforce

Onshore Staff Extension

We provide you with a GRIFFIN team lead and our US based team. You co-manage with the team lead to make sure our project requirements are understood and met.

- You get direct access to a GRIFFIN team lead

- Ability to co-manage

- US based team

- Highly specialized skills

What makes GRIFFIN different?

What sets us apart is our comprehensive management offering. Unlike simply providing you with a team and leaving you to manage them on your own, we understand the value of your time constraints. With a dedicated GRIFFIN lead, we collaborate closely with your team, freeing up your time to focus on critical business areas.

- Comprehensive management offering with a dedicated GRIFFIN lead

- Collaborative approach with your team

- Tailored team composition with diverse expertise

- Support for multiple or single teams

- Seamless integration into your projects

How can you benefit?

Fast Forward Recruitment

Recruiting the ideal talent can be a lengthy process, but we have the ability to swiftly bring together a team of proficient professionals and onboard them promptly.

Access High-Quality, High-Level Talent

Our team has already conducted thorough testing to evaluate technical, logical, and soft skill competencies, saving you the trouble.

Create Healthy Teams

By promoting a culture of mutual respect, support, and shared goals, we cultivate healthy teams that are resilient, innovative, and capable of delivering exceptional results.

Seamless Communication

We ensure that our developers match your work schedule, actively seek and incorporate feedback from you, and possess outstanding communication abilities.

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Frequently asked questions:

Does staff extension increase cost?

Opting for staff extension can prove to be a budget-friendly alternative to employing and retaining in-house staff. By doing so, you can do away with expenses related to hiring, staff benefits, healthcare coverage, training, office supplies, and much more. Additionally, this approach offers greater flexibility as you can easily scale your workforce up or down depending on your project requirements.

What industries do we work with?

We offer technology solutions to a variety of industries, including but not limited to banking, SaaS & Ecommerce, construction, law, insurance, healthcare, energy & utilities, finance, and defense. We provide services such as staff augmentation, software assessments, software development, BI maintenance, Salesforce management, merger & acquisition integration and API & Data integration, among others. Our expertise and experience in these industries allow us to provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

How is staff extension different to outsourcing?

In a typical staff extension model, you are responsible for managing any third-party staff. With a software outsourcing model, you are more hands-off as you assign day-to-day management and admin tasks to the outsource partner. With GRIFFIN you can do both! Depending on your project’s requirements we may take a staff extension approach or an outsourcing style of approach.

How do you measure success?

We measure success by focusing on tangible outcomes and delivering value to our clients. We believe that success is not solely defined by completing projects or meeting deadlines but by the impact our solutions have on our clients' businesses. We evaluate success based on key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned with our clients' objectives, such as improved operational efficiency, increased revenue, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and market share growth. We strive to exceed expectations and measure success through client feedback, repeat business, and long-term partnerships. Ultimately, our success lies in the success of our clients, and we continuously adapt and innovate to ensure that our solutions drive real, measurable results and contribute to their overall growth and prosperity.